Product information

  • Category: Web-app
  • Product date: 17 October, 2020

Vaxitemp - Vaccine temperature monitor web-app

Vaxitemp is a vaccine temperature monitor web-app created by Andrew Pun. It is intended for physicians, pharmacists, but also appropriate for use in restaurants, grocery stores, or even the average home refrigerator. Powered by Plotly, Vaxitemp offers clients a real-time online plot of their refrigerator temperatures for them to view, and can be configured for use with any wifi-enabled Raspberry Pi temperature probe. It is currently in use by several physicians across Ontario. Read more about how Vaxitemp came to be here and check out all the source code on GitHub.

Planned Features

  • Email notification system to alert users if temperatures are out of range or if probe is malfunctioning.
  • See a sample of a temperature graph below:

    Interactive temperature plot.